Pearls of Prevention

Oct 4 2013
Boo to You

I love Halloween. The spooky movies, the candy, ghostly decorations, all of it. There are a lot of tips out there to keep the little ones safe. But what about us, the big kids? What can we do to stay safe?

There are quite a few easy tips to keeps adults safe as well.

  • Leave your lights on even if you don’t plan on being home.
  • If you are hosting a party, make sure the guests who arrive are the ones you invited. Keep an eye on who comes through your door.
  • Be smart when approaching people in costume. Some of the costumes are very convincing. Do not let the costumes fool you, especially police and fire fighter costumes.
  • Leave the weapons, fake or real, at home.
  • The party may be fun, but remember to limit your alcohol intake. You still need to drive home.
  • Do not go out walking alone.
  • Your racy costume may look cute, but can place you in a dangerous situation.

These are simple tips to follow, and you can still go out have a haunting good time. I have my list of horror movies and haunted houses all set for a scary good time!


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  • Lisa Hass-Peters
    Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Injury Prevention Educator, EMS Liaison