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Mar 18 2014
Preventing Youth Sports Injuries

I came across this website recently while reading a blog about preventing injury in young golfers. It scares me how much more often we are seeing serious injuries in younger and younger athletes. 

Currently, I am seeing two different high school baseball players who have had a UCL reconstruction, commonly known as Tommy John surgery. This used to be something that was only seen in professional baseball players. Now it is fairly common in both high school and college players. 

Luckily, there are some trends that we have noticed to help identify the risks, and guidelines in place to help reduce the number of these injuries. Unfortunately, by the time they get to us in the clinic, the injury has already occurred. 

This website has great resources for athletes, parents and coaches for all sports. If you have a child involved in sports, I highly recommend you check it out, and pass it along to anyone you feel may benefit from it.


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