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Aug 4 2014
Titleist Performance Institute

In past blog posts, I have put links to some articles that I found on the website, This is a site I visit often, not only for the interesting articles they have, but also because it is a great resource for golf-specific exercises. TPI stands for Titleist Performance Institute, and they are the leaders in the industry in terms of understanding the golf swing and the physical components of swing mechanics. The combination of golf, medical and fitness professionals have revolutionized the way golf is taught and practiced with amazing results. In fact, nine of the last 11 major tournament winners on the PGA tour are working with TPI coaches.

This past weekend, I attended one of their certification courses in Chicago to help me better work with golfers. We see golfers in the clinic who are here either to rehabilitate an injury or learn exercises in our golf performance program to improve their game and prevent injury. This TPI certification is going to benefit both types.  As I mentioned before, I have used a lot of the info already. This weekend, I learned a lot about how to really connect the physical movement faults with common swing characteristics which lead to inefficient swings and increase the possibility of injury.

I can’t wait to put this new information into practice and incorporate the new exercises I learned. It is really exciting to know that we are offering the highest quality care with the most up-to-date research in all aspects of our sports medicine programs here at the Sports Medicine Center.


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