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Sep 26 2013
Yoga for Dummies

It has been a couple of weeks now since I had a lot of back pain that was making it hard for me to stand up. I had decided it would be good for me to start doing some the stretches that I recommend to patients all the time.

I thought I would give an update on how they are going. I have never been a very flexible person and always struggled doing the sit-and-reach as part of the Presidential fitness test in grade school. It has not gotten better with time, and now it is time to be more proactive.

To spare myself the embarrassment, I decided to begin doing the stretches at home and was able to find some good yoga programs via YouTube. The internet is an amazing thing. I have tried a few different sessions with some good results, although some have been more effective than others. Through trying the different movements, I have found that I am really tight in my hamstrings and hip flexors (I knew this already), but also on the left side of my low back (I was not aware of this).

By doing some seated sidebending stretch I have been working to loosen the left side. I also have been getting some relief from the downward dog and low lunge stretches. Other than some stiffness while doing the stretches, I have not had any of the sharp pains and spasm that were really bothering me before. I even noticed feeling a little better with running this past week.

Seeing the success I have had with these stretches, it makes it easier for me to encourage my patients to keep it up.


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