Cancer Center Patient Stories

These incredible stories focus on patients from the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Clinical Cancer Center.

2014 Cancer Center Special Report

Knowledge Is Power
Keith Konen and other family members are affected by a hereditary colorectal cancer syndrome, but careful monitoring is managing their risk for a brighter future.

Aggressive Care Works for Lung Cancer Survivor
Patrick Diener, a 74-year-old former marathon runner, had his right lung removed seven years ago as part of his aggressive treatment for lung cancer.

Back in the Driver's Seat After Brain Tumor Surgery
An entire team of experts collaborated to treat Mike Kubiszewski to ensure that his brain tumor was only a "bump in the road."

Bladder Cancer to Smooth Sailing
When a bladder cancer diagnosis meant removal of his bladder, Mark opted for a reconstructive surgery that fashioned a neobladder from his own tissue.

Breast Cancer Discovered Three Months Before Wedding
In the fall of 2008, Laura Sanders was looking forward to starting a new life with her fiancé, Randy. In September, however, the excitement of their upcoming wedding suddenly took a backseat to unexpected news.

Choices for Breast Cancer Treatment
Mary Jo Tye says some things are out of your control. Like breast cancer. But she did have control over the choice of her care treatment and her care team.

Clinical Trial Saves Her Voice Box
Seven years after her laryngeal cancer diagnosis, Sue Peiffer is healthier than ever and still working in customer service, making a living from her voice.

Living Life at Top Speed Again
Harry Wirth is back on his motorcycle and painting again after battling soft tissue sarcoma.

Opting for Plan B
Glenn Arntzen, a 50-year-old IT executive, saw an opportunity and chose a clinical trial to battle lymphoma.

Paying It Forward, Twice
Karen Bauer saw her two cancer clinical trials as a way to help future breast cancer patients.

Personal Care, Connections Help Breast Cancer Patient
When Ann Marie Yorgensen was diagnosed with breast cancer, a friend recommended Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin. Ann Marie was impressed with the personalized care she received and now recommends Froedtert & the Medical College to other women. 

Sisters Face Cancer Together
Some sisters share everything. For sisters Amanda Nuñez and Liz Oke, that also meant facing two kinds of cancers.

Team Approach Defeats Bladder Cancer
When Gloria Robertson of Brown Deer chose Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, she gained access to the most treatment options possible for her bladder cancer.

Texas Rancher and Executive Tells Her Own Story
Myrna McLeroy leans on her faith as she battles carcinoid tumors that had spread.

World Traveler Gets Help With Cancer Journey
When world traveler Robert Beal was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he called the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Prostate and Urologic Cancer Program and found a team of experts to guide him every step of the way. 


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