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As Community Memorial Hospital celebrates 50 Years of Caring, we're encouraging patients, staff and people throughout the community to tell us how the hospital has changed their lives. Share your story.

Keryl J.

March 20, 2014

To this day, when I see a commercial on TV for the hospital, I smile and remember. In 1967, I became a Candy Striper for Community Memorial Hospital. I was so proud to wear my red and white striped pinafore. I remember the supervisor teaching us how to make perfect hospital corners on the beds. Besides making beds, we were taught how to take blood pressures, take temperatures and help the nurses care for the patients. The rewarding experience was pivotal in my decision to become a nurse. 

I became an RN in 1973 and worked at a hospital in Milwaukee for four years. But something kept calling me back to CMH. On Jan. 2, 1978, I came back. I worked on MCU for the majority of my time there. The last six years, I worked as an Administrative Supervisor on weekends and holidays. 

I resigned my position in October of 2004. I remember sitting in my car, crying because I knew how much I was going to miss the people who had become part of my family and the organization I loved working for. I grew up with CMH being a huge part of my life. I had both of my children there and one of my granddaughters was also born there. 

When I retire, I plan on coming back to volunteer, because CMH will always have a part of my heart. In reality, it will just feel like I'm coming "home."

CMH 50 Years of Caring