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Level II NICU for Premature Babies

NICUCommunity Memorial Hospital’s Level II NICU brings state-of-the-science technology into a caring environment designed with families in mind.

Special Rooms for Premature Babies

Our Special Care Unit is the first in Wisconsin with private rooms—providing a quiet place where Mom and Dad can hold, cuddle and spend time with their baby when long-term care is needed. All the details in our rooms have been researched extensively for their benefits to premature and at-risk infants. 

For instance, these rooms use comparatively low light because studies have shown that premature babies respond best to subdued lighting. The unit also features two suites for twins.

Technology to Help Sick Infants

Where some hospitals stop at the basics, we stand with some of the top-ranked hospitals in the country by utilizing visionary resources. The most sophisticated ventilators aid underdeveloped lungs to function at capacity and allow babies to breathe on their own faster. Fail-safe monitors oversee heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rates and other vital functions while alerting key personnel of any changes. Intravenous delivery systems administer nutrition and medication for sustaining life and growth. Technology and specialists together bring the highest level of neonatal care to Community Memorial Hospital.

Special Care Team

Making all the newest technology work for you is an experienced, innovative team. We stand behind mothers through all phases of high-risk pregnancy and delivery. Our board-certified lactation consultants will help you get started breast-feeding and guide you through the challenges of breast-feeding your premature or ill baby.

For more information about the Level II NICU in The Birth Center at Community Memorial Hospital, please call 262-251-1001.


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