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Pregnancy/Post Partum Care

Pregnancy is a very joyful and wonderful time, however sometimes it is overshadowed by pain or mobility difficulties. During pregnancy a woman’s body will go through many physical and postural changes due to the release of maternal hormones and the growing baby. Although muscular aches and pain are common in pregnancy, they are not normal. Sometimes these difficulties may continue into the post partum period or start anew following labor and delivery.

Therapy During Pregnancy and the Post-Partum Period

Community Memorial Hospital’s physical therapists have specialized training in relieving pain and improving functional difficulties caused by muscle and joint problems during pregnancy and the post partum period. The physical therapist will begin with an evaluation and then design an individualized treatment plan for you that may include:

  • Patient education.
  • Posture and body mechanics suggestions to safely complete everyday chores and child care activities (lifting, bathing, feeding your baby).
  • Positioning suggestions for labor and delivery to decrease aggravation of an existing condition or improve comfort/effectiveness for pushing.
  • Education on the use of TENS electrical stimulation for pain control during labor.
  • Exercise instruction to improve strength and flexibility as well as provide guidelines for safe conditioning exercise during pregnancy and the post partum period.
  • Manual therapy including soft tissue massage and joint mobilization.
  • Recommendations for the use of therapeutic braces and supports.

You have a lot to gain by attending therapy. On the average, most conditions respond well with 4-6 treatment sessions, however benefits have been achieved in only 1-2 sessions. It is never too late to start!

Schedule an Appointment

Your physician will need to provide a written prescription for physical therapy. We recommend you contact your insurance to verify coverage and complete any necessary pre-authorization requirements. Once authorization is received, you can call the Physical Medicine Department, 262-257-3080 to schedule an appointment.

If you have any questions, call 262-257-3080 to speak with a physical therapist. We look forward to working with you!


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