Community Memorial

Birthing Center Pre-Registration Forms

Please read and follow the instructions on the prenatal forms to help us prepare for your stay in the Birthing Center and provide for your personal needs and expectations. If you have any questions, please call the Birthing Center Resource Nurse at 262-257-5714.

After completing the forms, return them to:
Community Memorial Hospital
Attn: Birthing Center
P.O. Box 408
W180 N8085 Town Hall Rd.
Menomonee Falls, WI 53052-0408

Countdown to Parenting

This checklist will help ensure that each important step is completed to help you prepare for the birth of your baby. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

Birthing Center Preregistration Reservation

The preregistration form helps us prepare for your admission to the Birthing Center in advance. Please complete and return this form to the Birthing Center as soon as possible. The Admitting Office uses this information to start your chart so it will be ready for your review when you come to the hospital.

Your Birth Plan

Your birth plan helps us prepare to meet your expectations for labor pain management and your hospital stay. If you are expecting your first baby, this form will be completed during your birthing classes. Please do not send in this form. If this is not your first baby, please complete this form and send it to the Birthing Center.

Health Insurance Notification

The Case Management Department at Community Memorial Hospital will obtain pre-certification from your insurance provider for the hospital stay for you and your baby. Please read and follow the instructions provided in this form.

Prenatal Classes

We encourage you to learn as much as possible about yourself and your baby by attending prenatal classes whether or not this is your first baby. View the classes.