Bobbie Nick Voss Charitable Funds

The Bobbie Nick Voss Charitable Funds organization has once again named Community Memorial Hospital as a beneficiary of its annual Golf Classic held on June 22, 2009. A second grant of $56,000 was awarded in August, 2009, to continue our partnership to fight colorectal cancer through awareness, prevention, and early detection. This renewed funding will allow the Hospital to continue to provide screening colonoscopies to at-risk individuals without health insurance through the Community Outreach Health Clinic, and to continue the work of Community Health Educator Sally Slusser to raise awareness among the general public of colorectal cancer and the vital importance of early detection.

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Since the project launched in August, 2008, the Hospital has provided colonoscopies to twenty-three at-risk individuals without health insurance, detecting several pre-cancerous conditions in the early stages and diagnosing (and successfully treating) one patient with Stage I colon cancer. Special thanks to Linda Smith, Community Outreach Health Clinic coordinator, who identifies and refers at-risk patients for colonoscopies, and to Drs. Melissa Earnest, Syed Mehdi, and David Staff of Medical Associates for providing their services at reduced rates.

Through the work of Sally Slusser, we've also raised awareness and encouraged prevention and early detection among thousands of people with the message that colonoscopies save lives. More than 20,000 residents were offered information at health fairs and other community events, and almost 600,000 were reached through educational materials and publications.

Colorectal cancer will affect 1 in 19 individuals at some point in their lifetime. Screening for colorectal cancer generally starts at age 50 for those without risk factors. Please contact your physician to find out if it is time for your potentially life-saving colorectal cancer screening.

For questions or to receive a free educational offering at your organization, please contact Colorectal Cancer Awareness Community Educator Sally Slusser, MSN, RN at 414-777-5974.