Community Memorial

The Right Place for Care

You just twisted your ankle. Your child is complaining of a sore throat. Your spouse suddenly has chest pain.

Many types of health concerns can suddenly develop for you or someone in your family. There are many places to go for health care, but how do you choose the right place at the right time? Following is a general guide to follow.

Primary Care

Primary Care is regular preventive care and treatment provided by an internal medicine physician, a family medicine physician, an internist/pediatrician or a pediatrician. Appointments are usually needed and are typically during normal business hours. Froedtert Health offers several primary care locations in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Washington counties. To find a primary care physician, call 1-800-DOCTORS.

Walk-in Clinic

A Walk-in Clinic provides primary care services without an appointment for acute health needs, such as allergies, minor burns, muscle aches, sprains, upper respiratory infections and flu symptoms. A walk-in clinic is convenient for people who can't fit a doctor's appointment into their schedule or may not have a regular primary care doctor. Froedtert Health offers 9 walk-in clinic and urgent care locations.


FastCare, a walk-in clinic affiliated with Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, is staffed by a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. Treatment for minor illnesses and injuries is provided quickly, without an appointment. FastCare is located in Shopko at Hwy. 164 and Silver Spring Drive in Sussex. A visit costs only $55, and FastCare will bill your insurance, if you wish. If the FastCare staff determines that you need emergency care, you will be seen in the Emergency Department at Community Memorial Hospital.

Emergency Care

Emergency Care is for people with life-threatening illnesses and injuries who require immediate medical care. Serious health problems requiring emergency care include chest pain, shortness of breath, fractures, dehydration, bleeding, severe pain and trauma.