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Heart and Vascular Center

Heart Center Sign imageWhen you have a heart problem, you don't have time to undergo transfers from hospital to hospital. You need a state-of-the-art facility in your own community that has the experience and expertise to treat you. The Heart and Vascular Center at Community Memorial Hospital in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, provides the top-level care you need when your life is on the line. Yet, it's also close enough to home when time really matters.

At the Heart and Vascular Center, dedicated physicians work as a team with cardiac nurses and other specialized staff to provide the full spectrum of heart care services, from diagnostic tests and surgical procedures to cardiac rehabilitation.

Our extensive system of heart and vascular specialists collaborate to ensure that patients receive comprehensive, high-quality care.

Emergency Care

Patients who are having chest pains or experiencing a stroke need treatment as quickly as possible. Their care starts with the highly trained Emergency Medical Service (EMS) professionals in the ambulance. Community Memorial serves as the medical control for five fire departments - Menomomee Falls, Germantown, Lisbon, Richfield and Lannon. Patients then receive treatment in the Emergency Department, where highly trained staff quickly assess their condition and ensure they receive the appropriate treatment.

Community Memorial has earned many accreditations and recognitions for quality, both in the Emergency Department and in the Heart and Vascular Center. Patients feel confident knowing they are in good hands here.


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