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Heart and Vascular Center Staff


The physicians on staff at Community Memorial Hospital's Heart and Vascular Center include cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and electrophysiologists. Our physicians are board certified and highly experienced in heart and vascular issues. 

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Our Heart and Vascular Center nurses assist with heart catheterizations, diagnostic tests and other procedures, as well as cardiac rehabilitation. They are caring and compassionate and have expertise in the specific area in which they treat patients. All nurses are Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialists (RCIS), meaning they earned a special certification to treat heart patients.


Techs work alongside nurses and physicians to assist with procedures. In addition to a physician, every procedure at the Heart and Vascular Center has three additional people present, including at least one nurse and one tech.

Exercise Physiologists

In the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, exercise physiologists work alongside patients who have recently undergone a heart surgery or procedure. Their job is to teach the patients how to exercise safely, supervise their recovery and help them begin a healthier lifestyle.


Dietitians also assist patients in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, teaching them how to make better food choices.

Emergency Department Staff

All nurses who treat cardiac patients in the Emergency Department are Advance Cardiac Life Support Certified.


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