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The Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit combines a home-like atmosphere with state-of-the-art rehab equipment and functional areas to help patients recover as fast as possible. 

The unit which occupies 12,200 square feet on the hospital's second floor, serves patients who have had orthopaedic surgery, limb amputation, stroke, brain injuries or neurological surgery, as well as any other conditions that might require inpatient occupational, physical or speech therapy.

Unit Features

Therapy Gym

Features of the unit include:

  • 17 private rooms, each with a bathroom and shower
  • therapy gymnasium with multiple windows
  • training kitchen with skylights to provide natural light
  • private family area
  • private treatment room
  • private training bathroom

Patient Rooms

Each spacious patient room features homey decorations and comfortable accents. Each room is private and is equipped with its own bathroom and shower.

Therapy Gym

The brightly-lit gym is used for therapy sessions. Highly skilled staff members work with patients to maximize their abilities in a safe manner.

Dining Room and Kitchen

A large, bright dining room allows patients to gather for meals and activities. This room also features a kitchen where patients can practice daily activities they would do at home. The kitchen features a dishwasher, sink, refrigerator, stove, cupboards and more. A laundry room is also available for practice sessions.

Private Training Bathroom

The private training bathroom is designed to simulate every type of bathroom transfer that a client might have to perform at home. In order to ensure safety in the home, we will have clients practice all types of bathroom transfers with our specially-trained staff. Recommendations can then be made on any adaptive equipment or devices that would be needed for safe transfers upon discharge.

Private Family Lounge

Recognizing the importance of involving family and friends in the rehabilitation process, the private family lounge provides space for patients and their loved ones to spend time together and socialize outside the patient's room in a relaxed and peaceful environment.


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