Fertility Specialists in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Best Doctors

Many of the physicians in the Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center were selected by their peers as Best Doctors in America® in 2014.

Estil Y. Strawn, Jr, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin Obstetrician/Gynecologist
Director, Reproductive Medicine Center

Kate Schoyer, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin Obstetrician/Gynecologist

Joseph B. Davis, DO
Medical College of Wisconsin Obstetrician/Gynecologist

Jay I. Sandlow, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin Urologist
Vice Chairman of Urology

Jerald P. Marifke, MD, FACE
Medical College of Wisconsin Endocrinologist

Christina Wichman, DO, FAPM

Jane Gleeson, RN, MSN, L.Ac.
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Laboratory Staff

Amy Granlund, BS
Amy is an embryologist and the Reproductive Medicine Clinic coordinator. In 1991, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls with a bachelor of science degree in biology with a minor emphasis in chemistry. Amy has worked in the field of fertility since 1992. She has extensive experience in andrology, (male reproductive and sexual health) endocrinology and embryology.

Mark Roesler, MS
Mark is the laboratory embryology director. Since 1984, Mark has provided reproductive laboratory services, and he is committed to all aspects of operating a full-service reproductive therapy laboratory. Mark earned his master of science degree in zoology (genetics) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1979. In addition to lecturing and authorizing scientific publications, Mark performs gamete preparation, micromanipulation techniques, embryo culture and cryopreservation in the lab.