Specialty Footwear, Braces & Prostheses

The Foot and Ankle Program partners with National Pedorthics to offer on-site orthotics and prosthetic services. Their trained, experienced professionals take the time to answer each patient’s questions and explain how specialty footwear, braces and prostheses can aid in recovery and healing. 

Recovery from Foot & Ankle Disorders

Orthotics and prosthetics play an important role in the recovery and healing of many foot and ankle disorders. With our team approach, prescribing and dispensing the right footwear, braces or prosthetic devices can be a seamless process. 

For example, a patient may wear a boot or similar device immediately after surgery, and may need specialty footwear afterwards. With on-site services, impressions and measurements can be taken immediately and the custom footwear can be ready for the patient to wear when the boot is removed.

On-Site Fitting for Specialty Footwear & Prosthesis

Once a prescription for foot and ankle orthotics or prosthetics is written by the physician, the process can begin immediately on site, if the patient chooses. Measurements and impressions can be taken and devices manufactured on site, offering more convenience for patients.

The on-site pedorthists and orthotists are available to make adjustments as well, adding another layer of convenience. Whether a patient needs custom shoes, foot orthoses, a custom foot prosthesis, partial foot prosthesis or other device, they can find those services here.


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