Signature Society

The Signature Society recognizes donors who make a visionary commitment to the Froedtert Hospital Foundation by making revocable or irrevocable planned gifts to the hospital.

Members of the Signature Society are listed on a special plaque in the hospital's west lobby, in our annual Thank You Report and here on our website.  Members are also invited to exclusive Signature Society events featuring keynote speakers from Froedtert Hospital.  


To join The Signature Society, do one of the following: 

  • Name Froedtert Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary in your will
  • Name Froedtert Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary of a trust
  • Establish a Charitable Trust (remainder trust, lead trust, etc.) naming Froedtert Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary
  • Donate ownership of an insurance policy to the Froedtert Hospital Foundation
  • Name the Froedtert Hospital Foundation as beneficiary of a life insurance policy
  • Name Froedtert Hospital Foundation as beneficiary of a life estate contract


Your attorney, financial planner, or a representative from the Froedtert Hospital Foundation can explain these options more fully.

For more information about planned giving, or to receive our financial planning newsletter call Nora Sale, Vice President and Executive Director at 414-805-2699 or

Signature Society Members

Wanda Anderson
Arunkumar N. Badi 
Marilee Bailie
Clifford C. Beaudin, Jr. 
Judith A. Becker
Lynn K. Boenker
Margaret E. Born
Michael J. Brockman
Marion G. Burtard
Robert L. Burtard
Eileen Cairns
Diane L. Cirese* 
George T. Cirese
William K. Beau Clements
William B. Coleman
Robert E. Duea
Christopher J. Dulde
Tammy L. Dumke
John L. Ellison, Sr.
Ann K. Ferge Beauprey
Frank L. Fichtner
Pauline L. Fichtner 
Nancy Rae Fischer*
Janet K. Forseth
Richard S. Gallagher
Carol Gianforte
John R. Gianforte
Jaime Glowacki 
Ellen T. Gordon
Lance D. Gordon
Allan N. Hoeft
Barbara A. Hoeft
Julie Idzikowski
Lila M. Immel
Vane Inthasorot*
Geneva B. Johnson

*indicates deceased in 2012/13


Joseph T. Johnson
MaryPat Kirchen
Thomas L. Kirchen
Christine M. Krueger
Robert E. Kuelthau
Paul L. Kwiecien
Rhonda R. Kwiecien
David L. Larson, M.D. 
Jan Lennon
Kathleen J. Ley
Ralph M. Ley
Willa M. Lloyd 
Judy Mandry
Kyle Mandry
James Martingilio
Marilyn R. Martingilio
Robert J. Mason
Erasmo J. Mendez
James J. Michel
Laverne M. Michel
Geraldine Muhlick
Virginia B. Murray
Carol Nantkes
Roland G. Nehring
Sandra L. Nelson
Barbara Ann Nitzsche
William D. Petasnick
Thomas M. Plantenberg
Marjorie B. Reichert*
Elaine M. Richmond
John R. Richmond 
Jay H. Robertson
Carol A. Roe
Dean K. Roe


Jeanne H. Romanowski
Robert M. Romanowski
Jim Rosenbaum
John S. Rosenberg
Marina L. Rosenberg
Carol H. Rueppel
Nora T. Sale
Mark D. Schaefer
Craig S. Schiefelbein
Mary E. Schiefelbein
Jack L. Schneider
Tina M. Schneider 
Joyce A. Schuenke
Loraine E. Schuffler*
A. Regina Schulte
Richard J. Scott
Debra J. Seitz
John B. Sendik
Thomas E. Steger 
Lorraine A. Steinbacher
Jane M. Steker
Bonnie J. Steltenkamp
Joseph E. Steltenkamp
Gillian S. Stewart 
Mary G. Tobin*
Thomas F. Tobin*
Beatrice A. Benidt Webster
John A. Widor
Mark Wiezbiskie 
Andrew J. Willms
Shirley M. Wolf
Matthew P. Worman


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