A Gynecologic Second Opinion Could Save a Life

Early diagnosis is important. A second opinion could be life-saving. Find out fast with our Second Opinion Program.

When the diagnosis is gynecologic cancer, most women want to start treatment as soon as possible. But understanding all the alternatives is important. Treatment choice has a significant impact on outcomes.

That’s why Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin created the Gynecologic Cancer Second Opinion Program.

Appointments for women seeking a second opinion are available with a gynecologic oncologist within 24 business hours.

Request a Second Opinion

Call 414-805-0505 or (outside Milwaukee) 866-680-0505.

Request a Second Opinion Online

Our skilled, compassionate staff members will answer any questions you might have and will work with you to schedule an appointment with one of our gynecologic oncologists. They will also assist you in obtaining any necessary medical information from your current provider.

Even if you received your initial diagnosis from another physician, it makes sense to consult with a specialist in gynecologic cancers to confirm your diagnosis and explore some options you may not be aware of.

The Most Advanced Treatment Options

Part of an academic medical center, the Froedtert & the Medical College Gynecologic Cancer Program offers the most sophisticated treatments and technologies for fighting gynecologic cancers.

  • Gynecologic oncologists are skilled at performing minimally invasive surgeries, including advanced robotic procedures. They were the first in southeastern Wisconsin to use laparoscopic surgery to perform radical hysterectomy and lymphadenectomy for stage I cervical cancer.
  • Our gynecologic oncologists specialize in the latest drug therapies, and understand the nuances of providing chemotherapy, including intraperitoneal chemotherapy — specifically for women with gynecologic cancers.
  • Our radiation oncologists offer precisely targeted radiation therapies, including Tomotherapy®, a type of IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy). They were the first in the area to treat gynecologic cancers with high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy – targeted radiation treatment that can be given in an outpatient, rather than inpatient setting. They also use CT (computed tomography) and MR (magnetic resonance) image-guided brachytherapy to more carefully protect normal tissues and deliver radiation to the tumor.

The specialists of the Gynecologic Cancer Program are nationally recognized researchers, enabling them to offer patients a wide range of treatments that optimize outcomes and improve quality of life. Many women in the program are able to access different options in surgical procedures, chemotherapy and radiation therapy through our active involvement in clinical trials.

Our Second Opinion Program helps answer your questions and eases the anxiety of a cancer diagnosis.


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