Nursing - Undergraduate

Froedtert Hospital Nursing Undergraduate Education

Whether you are a nursing instructor or coordinator, you will find all the forms and information you need related to placing students, orientation, computer training, forms, etc. If you have any questions please contact Jane Hendricks, Education Coordinator, at 414-805-5392 or via e-mail at

Clinical Requests/Information

A separate Request for Clinical Group Placement form should be completed for each clinical group you are requesting placement for. The form needs to be completed and returned by the date on the form for spring, summer, fall, and precepted placements. For review of student/instructor contract information, a sample Froedtert Hospital affiliation agreement and program memorandum are included below.

General Information/Forms

  • Handbook for Nursing Instructors/Students - To be reviewed by all Froedtert Hospital instructors/coordinators and students each semester. It is the responsibility of the instructor/coordinator to make sure that the students receive the handbook content to review. NOTE: Safety & infection control information is now an online module that must be completed each semester by all instructors/students (exception: Froedtert Hospital and CMH staff members) who have a clinical at Froedtert or CMH Hospital through the Froedtert Learning Center each semester in addition to reviewing the handbook. 
  • Preceptor Guidelines
  • Student Identification - all students must wear school ID badge at all times when on Froedtert campus unless provided with a Froedtert ID badge, then Froedtert badge must be worn.
  • Public Display with Social Media Policy
  • Parking/Shuttle Information for Froedtert Hospital - must be reviewed by all students.

Instructor Information

    The forms and information included are for new and current nursing instructors and coordinators. This includes clinical group instructors and precepted instructors/coordinators. The Competencies/Skill Assimilations that are listed will be performed during classroom orientation by all new nursing instructors.

    Computer Training Information/Forms


    All instructors/coordinators and students should complete an evaluation of the clinical experience at the end of the semester or clinical.  An email will be sent at the end of the semester to all instructors/coordinators, students and staff with information on how to complete the evaluations.

    Information for Observers

    An observer is an individual who is 16 years of age or older who is allowed to observe patient care in clinical areas and/or non-clinical activities. The observer may not have any physical contact with a patient, take a history from a patient, do an exam, handle equipment, or document in the medical record. All observer must meet the established requirements identified in the Observer Policy and provide documentation as listed in the Observer Agreement

    Other Information

    An affiliation agreement and program memorandum are required for each student clinical experience. An affiliation agreement and program memorandum are required for each student clinical experience. These blank documents are available for reviewing student/instructor contract information only and are not meant to be completed by individual instructors or students. All students placed at Froedtert Health must meet the student validation requirements per the affiliation agreement.

    Community Memorial Nursing Opportunities

    Community Memorial Hospital Nursing welcomes the opportunity to provide an excellent learning experience for the Instructors and Students from the Schools of Nursing in the greater Milwaukee area. A list of need to know/have information is available for your convenience below. Please contact Cindy Johnson RN, School of Nursing Liaison at 262-257-3241 for questions or feedback regarding the information.

    Schools of Nursing Clinical Experience and Precepted Student Experience Request Forms

    Student & Instructor Information

    Epic Documentation for Instructors & Students  (computer training at Froedtert Hospital)

    Handbook for Nursing Instructors and Students

    Emergency Alert Overview

    Instructor Information

    New CMH Clinical Instructor Guidelines

    Returning CMH Clinical Instructor Guidelines

    Instructor Check List

    Unit Orientation for Clinical Instructors

    Tip Sheet for a Successful Clinical

    Observations for Off Unit Experiences

    Student Assignment Sheet

    Clinical Instructor Memorandum of Understanding

    Instructor and Student Parking Roster


    All instructors and students should complete an evaluation of their clinical experience at Community Memorial Hospital at the end of the semester or clinical.

    Student on-line evaluation

    Instructor on-line evaluation