PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency 

National Match Code: 139015

Director of Pharmacy
Philip Brummond, PharmD, MS
Telephone: 414-805-4007
Fax: 414-805-9283

PGY1 Community Program Director
Binita Patel, PharmD, MS
Telephone: 414-805-6512
Fax: 414-805-6513

PGY1 Community Program Coordinator
Erika Smith

Duration/Type: 12-month residency
Number of Positions: 3
Application Deadline: January 6, 2014
Starting Date: July 1, 2014
Estimated Stipend: $45,760
Interview Required: Yes


  • Flexible, comprehensive training in a variety of community/ambulatory care areas
  • Required rotations are integrated throughout the year and encompass both retail and ambulatory settings within the health system
  • A variety of elective rotations are available at Froedtert Hospital. Rotations and activities are tailored to meet the needs and interests of each resident
  • Opportunities to work with and serve as a preceptor for pharmacy clerkship students

Sample resident rotation schedule

Requirements for Acceptance

Applicants are required to submit a program application to PhORCAS. Three projects must be submitted by candidates who are selected for an onsite interview.

Learning Experiences

Required Rotations (Integrated)

  • Anticoagulation Clinic
  • Community Pharmacy
  • Drug Policy
  • Internal Medicine
  • Solid Organ Transplant Clinic
  • Ambulatory Administration

Elective rotations may include:

  • Infectious Disease/HIV Clinic
  • Hypertension Clinic
  • Heart Failure Clinic
  • Psychiatry Clinic
  • Metabolic Syndrome Clinic
  • Diabetes Clinic
  • Primary Care Clinic
  • Emergency Department
  • Hematology/Oncology Clinic
  • Administration
  • Investigational Drug Service
  • Pulmonary Clinic
  • Academia (at Concordia or University of Wisconsin Schools of Pharmacy)
  • Smoking Cessation Clinic 
  • GI/Hepatology Clinic
  • Medication Safety 
  • Academia (longitudinal)
  • Others according to the interests of the resident

Teaching Certificate Program

  • The Concordia University Wisconsin School of Pharmacy (CUWSOP) welcomes interested residents to participate in the Preparing Pharmacy Educators Experience (P²E²) series.
  • The program includes lecture and small group teaching of student pharmacists, didactic online seminars in pedagogy (teaching methods), live seminars preparing participants for understanding and pursuit of academic careers, and participation in academic-related projects.
  • Three structured options are offered to align with resident interest, ranging from an introductory teaching experience option to the Future Pharmacy Faculty Certificate program option.
  • An advanced academia rotation is also available for PGY2 residents in their specialty area.