Rachel J. Finkelstein

Rachel Finkelstein - Pharmacy ResidentPGY1 Community Resident


Iowa City, Iowa

Pharmacy School/Graduation Year

University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, 2013

PGY1 Residency Location

Froedtert Hospital

PGY1 Rotations

Anticoagulation & Anemia Clinic, Academic Rotation at Concordia University School of Pharmacy, Primary Care/Internal Medicine, HIV-Infectious Disease, Inpatient Cardiology, Diabetes, Policy and Administration

PGY1 Residency Project

Optimizing the Transition of Care to Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy

The goal of my project is to identify patients who have been discharged from the hospital on parenteral antibiotics and are not being followed by the infectious disease department. Then, create a process where these patients will have a consult with infectious disease before discharge to improve patient access to appropriate antibiotic therapy, improve adherence to treatment plan, and minimize adverse effects and complications.

Why did you choose to pursue a residency?

Pursuing a residency gave me the opportunity to gain additional clinical practice experiences and further develop my knowledge and clinical skills. This year dedicated to residency will better prepare me for a successful career in ambulatory care and help me to become a better provider.

What attracted you to Froedtert’s pharmacy residency program?

Froedtert’s Community Residency provided many diverse experiences that I could not find in other programs. This program also provided me the flexibility to tailor the residency to my interests and career goals.

Professional interests

Ambulatory care and chronic disease state management


Photography and going out to eat with family and friends

What's your favorite thing to do in Milwaukee?

Finding unique, locally owned restaurants to go out to eat. I am a new resident of Wisconsin so I am trying out some Wisconsin cheese and beer.