Christa Hatch

Christa Hatch - Pharmacy ResidentPGY1 Pharmacy Resident


Franklin, WI

Pharmacy School/Graduation Year

University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013

PGY1 Residency Location

Froedtert Hospital

PGY1 Rotations

Drug policy, Neurology Critical Care, Geriatrics, Residency Administration, Internal Medicine, Medical Critical Care, Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Ambulatory Care and Diabetes Management

PGY1 Residency Project

Addressing Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adult Hospitalized Patients 

I will use the Beers criteria to determine the current use of potentially inappropriate medications in hospitalized older adults (age 65 or greater). I will then use the results from this assessment to implement an intervention aimed at reducing the use of potentially inappropriate medications in older adult hospitalized patients

Why did you choose to pursue a residency?

I chose to pursue a residency because I wanted to further develop my clinical skills and continue learning from skilled preceptors. I wanted the additional training to give me the confidence and skills necessary to provide quality patient care. I also wanted to explore different areas of pharmacy through completion of a variety of rotations.

What attracted you to Froedtert’s pharmacy residency program?

I enjoyed my role as an intern at Froedtert Hospital and wanted to continue developing my skills at this academic medical center focused on advancing the profession of pharmacy. I also liked the variety of rotation options and the resident staffing model.

Professional interests

Geriatrics, Cardiology and Internal Medicine


Running, playing tennis and reading

What's your favorite thing to do in Milwaukee?

I have several favorite activities! I enjoy attending different events, including concerts, Milwaukee brewers games, and Marquette University men’s basketball games. I also enjoy trying new restaurants.