Elizabeth Weil

Elizabeth Weil - Pharmacy ResidentPGY1 Pharmacy Resident


Oconomowoc, WI

Pharmacy School/Graduation Year

University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy, 2013

PGY1 Residency Location

Froedtert Hospital

PGY1 Rotations

Internal Medicine, MICU, Oncology, Informatics, Academia, Toxicology, Information Drug Services, Emergency Department, Policy and Ambulatory Oncology

PGY1 Residency Project

The implementation of a CPA for ESA therapy Management in the Clinical Cancer Center at Froedtert Hospital

I am developing a pharmacist-run collaborative practice agreement (CPA) in the Clinical Cancer Center for Erythropoietin Stimulating Agents (ESA) therapy management. The CPA will establish a consistent workflow for ESA prescribing, titration, and documentation. Pre and post CPA implementation data will be evaluated to identify improvements in reimbursement, staff satisfaction, and prescribing habits.

Why did you choose to pursue a residency?

I decided to pursue a residency because it offers many diverse experiences and the opportunity to explore several practice settings. I felt a residency would be a great experience to build upon my knowledge from school and allow me to practice at the top of my license.

What attracted you to Froedtert’s pharmacy residency program?

Froedtert is an academic center with a very progressive pharmacy model. Froedtert has a great team of pharmacists and managers that are welcoming and very excited to teach. In addition, Froedtert has a very unique staffing model, which allows you to follow patients over an entire week and provide continuity of care, which is a great learning opportunity.

Professional interests

Oncology, infectious disease and research


Kayaking and snowboarding

What's your favorite thing to do in Milwaukee?

I enjoy riding my bike down to the lake shore and exploring new places downtown.