Safe Driving Resources for Schools

Just Drive! and ENCARE (Emergency Nurses CARE) partner together to get the word out to schools about the dangers of distracted driving. 

Distracted driving along with underage alcohol use, drinking and driving, and not wearing a seat belt are risk-taking behaviors that can cause medical and emotional injury. Car crash victims can be disfigured or killed, leaving a trail of tragedy behind for families — forever.

ENCARE Logo imageEmergency nurses at Froedtert Hospital are prepared to come to schools with a presentation showing the tragic consequences of distracted driving, underage alcohol use, drinking and driving, and lack of safety belt use as seen by emergency health care professionals.

As firsthand witnesses who work daily with auto crash victims and their families, we feel a special responsibility to educate the public on real-life facts. The program, ENCARE, in conjunction with Just Drive!, provides a thought-provoking forum dealing with the consequences of distracted driving, underage alcohol use and alcohol-related crashes. The slide presentation shows crash victims being treated in an emergency trauma center. Additionally, the emergency nurses’ narrative describes the physiological effects of alcohol, binge-drinking, the nature of injuries caused by distracted driving, drinking and driving crashes, and lack of safety belt use, along with the treatment and care of surviving victims.

We also touch upon the emotional consequences of the crashes, emphasizing how frequently victims are severely limited in leading normal lives and the disruptive impact on family life that often results.

Many of the scenes are disturbing, even though they are true to reality, and the emergency nurses present them in a sensitive and dignified fashion. The fifty-minute presentation is extremely open and frank. We hope that by sharing our experience and information we can help prevent the senseless loss of life and crippling injuries caused by poor decision-making. There is no fee for the program. For inquires about the program, or to schedule a presentation at your school, please call 414-805-3666.

For more information on the program, please read our FAQ.