What is the cost?

The program is free. It is a community service provided by Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Who are the presenters?

The people presenting the program are ENCARE nurses, who are nurses with the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Trauma Center or Emergency Department.

Is the presentation graphic or bloody and gory?

The presentation clearly depicts the reality of trauma, so there are graphic scenes. The nurse does warn participants that they may want to close their eyes during parts of the presentation.

What are the sources?

We use actual patient slides that have been gathered with permission of the patient or family members. We also use statistics gathered by the Medical College of Wisconsin Injury Research Center.

What is the ideal class size?

The program works best for 25 to 35 participants.

How long is presentation?

The presentation can last between 40 and 65 minutes. The nurse can tailor the presentation to correspond with the classroom time period.

What audio or visual equipment is required?

The room should be equipped with a computer with PowerPoint, a slide projector with screen, VCR and TV.

What if it's a large assembly?

Though we have done assemblies in the past, we have found them to be less effective than groups of 25 to 35 people in size.

Will there be any handouts?

Yes, we will distribute handouts, evaluations and discussion papers.

What does the presentation include?

The program includes video, PowerPoint slides, discussion plus a follow up discussion sheet for the instructor or teacher to use in subsequent classes.

What should students bring?

Participants should bring pens or pencils.

For what grade level is this appropriate?

The program is most appropriate for 9th through 12th grades and is targeting 6th through 8th grades as well. This is not recommended for 5th grade or lower.

Is this just for students?

No, we are offering it throughout the community for teens and their parents.