Neurosciences Center Patient Stories

These incredible stories focus on the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Neurosciences Center.

Putting an End to Seizures
Detailed brain mapping allowed surgeons to pinpoint the source of Amanda Momberg's seizures, dramatically changing her life.

Back on Dance Floor After Deep Brain Stimulation
Janice Blazich is back to dancing after getting help through a surgical procedure called deep brain stimulation that eased her Parkinson's disease symptoms.

Teamwork, Support Help Woman Cope With Parkinson's

Paula Moore benefits from a team of experts to deal with Parkinson's disease.

Epilepsy Patient Now Seizure-Free
Seizure-free since surgery, Kerry Rathburn also no longer needs medication.

Sportsman Enjoys Outdoors Again
Wayne Beno is back to enjoying the outdoors after deep brain stimulation surgery for his Parkinson's disease.

"Awake" Patient Hits Road After Surgery

Todd McMahon is back behind the wheel after "awake" surgery successfully treated his epileptic seizures.

Going Where Others Will Not
Neurologists treat John Lawrence's "inoperable" stroke.

Back in the Race Following a Stroke
Determined to run a marathon with his brother, Matthew Gizelbach endured miles of roadwork, hours of training — and a stroke. Participation in a clinical trial helped get Matthew back on the road and across the finish line.


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