Medication Management

It’s not easy to manage the complex medication regimens that are often part of cancer, diabetes, transplant or HIV care. That’s why our pharmacists offer a Medication Management Program for patients with complicated treatment plans. 

Enrollment is free and has many benefits:

  • Automatic Refills. A pharmacist will call you a week before your prescription is set to expire to ask if you need a refill. You’ll never have to miss a few days of essential medication simply because you forgot to call for a refill.

  • Integrated Care. Managing complex and multiple medication regimens requires even more diligence in making sure the right drug, dose and directions are being. Our pharmacists verify the necessity and accuracy of all your prescriptions even when written by multiple providers to ensure your safety. Any concerns about medication orders are discussed directly with patients’ physicians and health care providers.

  • One-on-One Counseling. Have questions about your medications? A Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin pharmacist will be happy to speak with you.

  • Free Home Delivery. Medications can be shipped free of charge to your home address

  • Convenient Pick-Up. If you’d prefer, you can get your medications on the Froedtert Hospital campus at four convenient locations.

  • Help with Insurance. We know that dealing with insurance companies can be overwhelming. Our team can directly bill prescriptions to most insurance plans and government programs--a service most general pharmacies can’t offer. We can also help you successfully navigate primary and secondary insurance coverage and help you get the very best price possible for your medication. To enroll in our free Medication Management program, call 414-805-5690.