Pharmacy Services

At Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, our team of expert pharmacists provides an array of specialized services so you can understand and manage your medications.


MyChart® is a free, easy and secure way to view your health information and communicate with your health care team at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin. MyChart is available to all Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin patients; all you need is Internet access and an e-mail address. With MyChart you can view prescription history and renew prescriptions online, with just a few simple clicks.

“Bedside Meds” Service

Before patients return home from a hospital stay at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, experienced pharmacists fill their prescriptions and discuss their medications right at the bedside.

Bedside Meds is an additional check that helps ensure patients understand all of their medications and know which medications they should take at home. Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin pharmacists also help simplify patients’ medication regimens. They carefully review each patient’s complete prescription list; if they notice any unnecessary or duplicate medications, they’ll talk to the patient’s physician to see if those medications can be eliminated.

Our Bedside Meds program is an award-winning service that is unlike any other in Wisconsin and one of only a handful in the United States.

Medication Management

It’s not easy to manage the complex medication regimens that are often part of cancer, diabetes, transplant or HIV care. That’s why our pharmacists offer a Medication Management Program for patients with complicated treatment plans. Enrollment is free!

Anticoagulation and Medication Therapy Clinic

Some blood-thinning medications, such as warfarin (Coumadin®), require careful monitoring. Our pharmacists at the Anticoagulation and Medication Therapy Clinic assist you by answering questions about anticoagulant medication and teaching you how to continuing living your life while on anticoagulant therapy.

Specialty Clinics

Our pharmacists are involved in several specialty clinics on campus, including GI/Hepatology, Endocrine/Metabolic Syndrome, Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Infectious Disease, Clinical Cancer Center Clinics, Pulmonary/Smoking Cessation, Cardiology and Transplant. These pharmacists work directly with your physicians and clinic staff to make sure you understand and get the most benefit from your medications.

Drug Repository and Medication Disposal

Patients with unused medications that meet certain requirements may donate these medications to our Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin pharmacies. You can also bring your expired and unwanted medications to any Froedtert Hospital Pharmacy, and we will safely dispose of them for you.