Commitment to Improvement

At Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, we recognize that patients entrust their lives to our care every day. Each patient matters, and each patient deserves the very best health care possible. That’s why everyone in our organization is focused on constantly improving the quality of care we provide. At the foundation of our work we have established several tenets of ongoing quality improvement, which include:

Continuous Review

We regularly track our performance and examine our data to look for processes or procedures that would benefit from doing things even better.

Forging Past Benchmarks

Even when we reach a nationally established target or level of achievement, we know that improvements can be made and we continue to take action.

Operational Effectiveness

Many, many steps from record keeping to diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation are involved in the patient care process. We feel we must perform each step at the highest level of excellence so that the entire course of care can be as foolproof and flawlessly repeatable as possible.

Shared Leadership

Dual operational and clinical work groups throughout the organization drive the quality of care. Physician specialists work in partnership with administrative leaders to make sure that care is provided according to both clinical and operational best practices. These teams are empowered at the departmental level and are held accountable for all aspects of the care they provide for our patients.


Clinical trials and other research initiatives give us evidence-based guidance for making changes that will improve our care and benefit our patients.

Our Performance

This commitment to improvement comes to life for patients in our ability to provide care that is safe, effective, timely and compassionate. See how Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin hospitals perform in the following areas: