Patient Safety

Keeping patients safe involves every member of the patient care team and many other hospital staff. Patients themselves, along with their family and caregivers, can also play active roles in patient safety.

Patients at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin hospitals benefit from best practices to reduce injuries and avoid complications. Best practices are the use of standard approaches to care and treatment that research has shown result in the most effective, high-quality results.


A patient in the hospital is in an unfamiliar environment and is often hooked up to monitors, IVs or other equipment. These can all contribute to preventable falls. Medications, spending time in bed and disrupted sleep patterns can also increase risks of falls. Preventing falls in patients begins with identifying the risk. Fall risk assessments are completed on admission, upon transfer and at shift changes. Specialized equipment, including bed alarms, help hospital staff respond quickly to patients at risk of a fall.


Infections following surgery are a complication that can extend a patient’s stay in the hospital. Giving the right antibiotic at the right times is critical in preventing infections for surgery patients. Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin nurses follow national patient safety guidelines for antibiotic use, catheter removal and other infection prevention measures.

Patient Safety Composite at Froedtert Hospital

Patient safety indicators (PSIs) are composite scores that measure the occurrence of in-hospital complications related to surgeries and procedures. PSI #90 is a specific set of eight measures that monitor procedures, including pressure ulcers, certain infections, postoperative hip fractures and accidental punctures or cuts.

Patient Safety for Selected Indicators (PSI #90)

What the Data Shows

Lower ratios indicate better quality. Because PSI data is best interpreted as a comparison, the United States average is charted above. Froedtert Hospital performed better than the national average during this period.

Constantly Improving Care

Froedtert Hospital, like all Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin hospitals, has numerous patient safety initiatives to reduce the risk of injury or complications.

Each year, The Joint Commission establishes National Patient Safety Goals to promote specific improvements in patient safety. As Joint Commission-accredited hospitals, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin hospitals comply with all of these patient safety goals, which focus on system-wide solutions to problematic areas in health care.