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The Skin Cancer Center at the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Clinical Cancer Center specializes in skin cancer treatment of all kinds, especially those most difficult to treat.

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Froedtert Hospital is recognized as high performing in six medical specialties, including cancer.

Specialty Resources for Treating Skin Cancer

What makes us different is our unique combination of exceptional physicians, academic resources, and individualized care, all focused on getting the most optimal results for our patients. 

The Skin Cancer Center includes a collaborative team of specialists in cancer treatment and plastic and reconstructive surgery. 

Patients are guided through every step of their care by our experienced and caring staff. Physicians work together to thoroughly look at all aspects of a patient’s diagnosis and treatment.

Patients can feel confident knowing physicians who are part of the Skin Cancer Center team at the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Clinical Cancer Center are among the most highly regarded in the field of oncology today, and many of them focus their practice on skin cancer treatment.

Complete Range of Skin Cancer Treatment Options

Patients usually come to the Skin Cancer Center after having been diagnosed with skin cancer by their primary care physician or dermatologist; however, additional diagnostic tests can be done through the Skin Cancer Center if needed.

Treatment options include:

  • Surgery to remove the cancer, including Mohs surgery, excision and staged excision.
  • Other techniques, such as photodynamic (“blue light”) therapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, may also be used.

Learn more about treatment options.

Helping High Risk Patients Stay Healthy

Some patients may have advanced or large skin cancers, or may have a medical condition that puts them more at risk for developing or redeveloping skin cancer. Special care management and ongoing monitoring with Skin Cancer Center staff helps these patients stay as healthy as possible. This care is especially important for organ transplant patients or other patients with a weakened immune system, and patients with pigmented lesions. Learn more about care for high risk skin cancer patients.

Clinical Trials Offer Access to Newest Therapies

As leading cancer researchers, the physicians of the Skin Cancer Center are often able to give patients the chance to consider additional therapies through clinical trials. View our current skin cancer clinical trials.


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