Skin Cancer Reconstructive Procedures

The goal of skin cancer treatment is to eliminate cancerous cells while leaving healthy surrounding tissue in place to the fullest extent possible. Often, however, physicians will need to surgically repair skin cancer wounds to restore full function or to reduce scarring.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery After Skin Cancer

Helping patients function and look as well as possible as soon as possible following surgery is a priority for Skin Cancer Center physicians. In many instances, the reconstructive procedure is performed immediately following the cancer removal.

Patients who need more extensive reconstruction have full access to Medical College of Wisconsin plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Learn more about reconstructive surgery, scar revision, skin grafting and tissue expansion.

Cancer in Eyelids and Other Difficult Locations

The Skin Cancer Center also specializes in the removal of eyelid cancers. At the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Eye Institute, ophthalmologists who specialize in the reconstruction of eyelids (oculoplastic surgery) treat patients following their Mohs procedure.

If the reconstruction is to be extensive or is in a difficult location, other surgical specialists from Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin may be involved in the patient’s care.


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