SpineCare Program Patient Story: Bob Haebig

Bob Haebig was looking forward to a great year. His lifelong dream of playing golf in Scotland was about to become a reality. And he was anticipating the birth of his first grandchild.

Then Bob unexpectedly found himself going down a road he had been down years before.

“I was having a very difficult time sleeping. I couldn’t find a position where I wasn’t having pain in my legs. I’d get up in the morning with horrible leg spasms. I knew the leg pain was related to my back because of my earlier problem. I started to mentally prepare for surgery. I went to see my general practitioner. But I knew it was just a formality and an appointment with a back surgeon was inevitable.”

It’s about this time that Bob’s story takes a surprising turn.

“I met with Dr. Glenn Meyer and asked him when he wanted to do the surgery and he said he had another idea. SpineCare.”

SpineCare is a Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin program that provides individualized, holistic care for people with acute spine disorders.

“Dr. Meyer told me all about it — and I said let’s do it,” explained Bob.

“The next thing I knew I was meeting a whole group of SpineCare folks. It was a major team that included a neurosurgeon, chiropractic physician, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, nurses, therapists and more. They evaluated my case together and collaborated on a plan of attack.”

“We first saw Bob on May 19,” explained SpineCare’s Boyd Peterson, DC. “He came to us with painful leg symptoms. He had congenital spinal stenosis. Our multidisciplinary approach involved the whole team working with him.”

“Each person had a specialization in a different area, “explained Bob. “Some focused on lifestyle issues, others provided stretching exercises and moves to strengthen my legs. They gave me a customized routine to do at home. The team taught me new ways to do even the simplest things, like how to bend over to pick something up.”

“Bob’s therapy ended June 30,” said Dr. Peterson.  “And since then he’s been feeling great and from what I hear playing 18 holes of golf whenever he can. “

“In less than three months I went from waking up in pain every morning to getting my life back. I’m able to play golf and play with my grandson without worrying. I can even fight the good fight against the weeds in my garden. I feel very, very fortunate.”

And that golf trip to Scotland? Bob’s lifelong dream became a reality not long after his treatment concluded.

“It was the best golf ever. Just amazing. In fact, this year I’ve played the best golf of my life. Without the SpineCare program I wouldn’t be playing at all.”