Dance Medicine Treats Dance Athlete's Needs

Ballerina imageDancers face unique demands as athletes, and require specialized care to stay at the peak of their performance. Sports medicine physicians at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin have extensive experience working with dancers at all levels, providing care for injuries, injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Care for Dancers of All Ages, Styles

Our team understands dancers as athletes, and offers sports medicine services tailored to the demands of dance, including:

  • Injury prevention and education
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Performance enhancement (such as leap height, endurance, strength, agility and flexibility)
  • Diagnosis and imaging (including MRI and DEXA scanning (bone density scan)
  • Treatment for all dance-related injuries (such as stress fractures, sprains, tears and overuse)
  • Quality physical therapy and rehabilitation

Our Partners

Milwaukee Ballet

A Medical College of Wisconsin sports medicine specialist serves as company physician for the Milwaukee Ballet. Dedicated athletic trainers, also from the Sports Medicine Center, work with the physician to provide a comprehensive program for the professional troupe as well as the Milwaukee Ballet School. We understand and know how to treat the injuries that are specific to dancers. We also provide injury prevention education, nutrition counseling, and training-room coverage on site.

We work with dancers on their specific performance enhancement goals, whether that is better leap height, increased endurance or improved strength. We also treat dancers at the Sports Medicine Center, providing all the services that any athlete requires, including imaging, physical therapy and rehab. For dancers who live in the area, we provide primary care year-round.

Trinity Irish Dance

A Medical College of Wisconsin sports medicine specialist serves as team physician for the Trinity Irish Dancers. This world-champion troupe of dancers faces challenges and injuries unique to their demanding style of dance. Our physicians conducted one of the few studies to examine the injuries that Irish dancers face. Stress fractures are the most common injury, often affecting the sesamoid bone, under the big toe. The team at Froedtert & the Medical College knows how to treat these and other dance-related injuries.

Specialists from the Sports Medicine Center work closely with Trinity Irish dancers, coaches and parents to provide comprehensive care, including nutrition and injury prevention. We use MRI imaging to accurately diagnose stress fractures and soft tissue injuries. DEXA scanning, (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry), a test to measure bone mineral density, helps us determine how strong a dancer’s bones are, so that weak bones can be treated through improved nutrition.


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