Endurance Performance Enhancement

Man on TreadmillAre you tired of training for miles without feeling many performance gains? Do you want to run farther and faster? Do you want to improve your cardiovascular exercise capability?

The experts of the performance enhancement program can help you achieve your goals.

Each program covers 12 sessions — two per week for six weeks. A VO2 max test is done before and after treatment to measure aerobic training.

Endurance Training Protocol for Runners

This is a treadmill program based on your personal VO2 max. The runs range from 25-50 minutes and are based on a percentage of your VO2 max. The program is integrated with circuit training to provide ultimate benefits. The program is designed to increase VO2 max, running economy and time to exhaustion. (This program should be supplemented with two additional runs per week.)

High-Intensity Training for the Cyclist

This is a stationary bike program based on a percentage of your peak workload at your personal VO2 max. The training sessions are completed in intervals over 35-60 minutes. The program is designed to increase time to fatigue and peak work rate, and decrease 40K trial times. (This program is designed to supplement your normal workouts.)

VO2 Testing

VO2 max testing is performed on a bike or treadmill and analyzed by metabolic analysis. The results provide max levels of heart rate, VO2, VCO2 and anaerobic threshold.

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