The following are comments from satisfied customers of the Performance Enhancement Program:

“The PEP program transformed me into the athlete I never thought I could be. They pushed me through the times when I wanted to give up and they were always there to encourage me.”

- Mary Piech
  Harding University Volleyball, Outside Hitter

“Very worthwhile. These are usually my off-season months, and PEP kept me focused and gave me something challenging to work at. It also gave me some understanding of the science of running, which I did not have before. The staff is very knowledgeable, and my trainer was especially motivating.”
- Jim Fredricks, 47
  Endurance Runner                               

“We’re not the easiest group to work with, but the PEP staff was professional and pushed the group to get the most out of the workouts without taking the fun out of it. Everyone on the staff was very accommodating. I would recommend the program to anyone. Great work! Especially with a group this large.”
- James Schmelzer
  Elm Grove U-16 Soccer Coach, PEP Participant

“I think it’s a great program and I highly recommend it to any athlete who is serious about improving performance. It’s not something to be taken lightly and just breeze through. If you work hard and push yourself to the limit, you’re going to see results. I wish I could have been involved in the program before this year. The earlier you get started, the better opportunity you have to improve your performance during your athletic career.”
- Ryan Elbrecht,
  Professional Football Player
Helsinki Wolverines (Helsinki, Finland), Safety

“First let me tell you there is no other program out there that can match the level of quality results that one would receive through PEP. This has been my fourth year in the program and there is a reason for that. The individual attention I received was great! Each trainer pays attention to your specific goals and what steps you need to take to get there. Not only do these trainers care about your performance enhancement, they also care about you as a person. Through strong motivation, support and encouragement, anything is possible. So in closing, I would sincerely recommend this program to anyone who is serious about their game and wants to take it to the next level!”
- Mike Kozicz
  Boston College, Football Tight End/Fullback

“The program was terrific. In a four-week period, my long jump increased from 17 feet, 6 inches to 18 feet, 8 inches. I qualified for the ECAC (Eastern College Athletic Conference) as a freshman. Thanks and I will be back to train over the summer.”
- Mallory Biblo
  Cornell University, Freshman Track Athlete

“The program was a great experience. The staff was friendly but still managed to push us and come across in a very professional manner. Although I can’t say that I looked forward to coming, possibly because walking the next day was a challenge, now that it’s over, I’m glad I did it.”
- High School Junior, Pewaukee
  Soccer Forward

“Initially the program was extremely difficult, but within a few weeks the exercises became easier to do, and I began noticing very positive results. I was impressed with the pre- and post-test results, but more so I was excited to find that the workouts were having a dramatic effect on my athletic performance. Especially because as a swimmer, every little improvement is amplified in the water.”
- Cory Lay, 25
  Swimmer, Southwest Aquatic Club

“Last time I worked out like this was when I was playing Division One Baseball in the now Big 12 conference. This is such an invaluable workout for anyone regardless of age. I worked in collegiate and professional baseball for nearly a decade. These same exercises and techniques are being used by major college programs and major league baseball players. If you don’t want to improve your ability and don’t want to work hard, go elsewhere.”
- Jon Brackett, 36
  Baseball Pitcher, MSBL Orioles

“Great for team bonding and motivating teammates.”
- Matt Kehl, Junior WLC Football Player, Running Back
  Two-time Rushing Leader in MIAA Conference

“Overall very positive. It helped with my strength for pitching and my pitching mechanic, which will help my arm durability, and taught me good strength workouts that I can use in the future. I am really happy I did this. I mentioned to my coach and he is looking into having our team do this PEP workout.”
- High School Senior Baseball Player
  Marquette High School Pitcher

“I thought it was really fun, but hard. I think it helped me run faster and made my running form better. I also think it made me jump a lot higher.”
- 8th Grade Student                                                
  Junior Vikings, Basketball Forward

“I feel that the PEP program was very helpful. I increased everything I did. I could feel myself getting stronger and quicker. I’m excited that I signed up for this program, and I don’t think I could have done without it.”
- Sam Uribe                                                                           
  City of Milwaukee Firefighter and EMT Student


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