Throwing Athlete Performance Enhancement

Whether the sport is baseball, football or basketball, athletes participating in throwing sports place tremendous stress on their arm, shoulder and upper body. Additionally, these sports require exceptional precision and accuracy.

State-of-the-art motion analysis system captures each move involved in the throwing action. Computer-generated feedback allows the athlete to view distinct motions and determine how they may be changed to improve performance and lessen the likelihood of injury.

Additionally, our specialized conditioning program focuses on muscle development and flexibility to help these athletes reach the top of their form. The program is customized for specific throwing sports.

The information below highlights the steps involved in analyzing a baseball pitcher’s motion. A full-body kinematic skeleton of the participant is created using 41 markers. Depending on chosen tier, biomechanics, models and software are used to accurately analyze throwing mechanics.

Throwing for Baseball:

  • Throwing AthleteData collection of 20 pitches using our high-speed motion analysis system. Pitches can be thrown from the windup and/or stretch and divided into two types (i.e., fastball, breaking ball, changeup, etc). Pitches are thrown from a portable mound or flat ground.
  • Qualitative discussion with participant of throwing motion.
  • CD including a movie player and movies of the participant’s full-body linked motion. Front, side, and rear views at three different recording speeds are provided for one trial of each pitch type. Movies include interactive written comments pinpointing mechanic and technique consistencies and inconsistencies.
  • Charted stride angle, stride offset, ball speed and ball location for the 20 pitches.
  • Kinematic graphs from lead leg foot contact to follow-through for the following parameters: external/internal shoulder rotation, internal shoulder rotation angular velocity, horizontal shoulder ab/adduction, shoulder abduction and elbow flexion. Graphs include a normal range for each parameter for comparative purposes.
  • A written overview of throwing technique for each of the following phases: windup, early cocking, late cocking, acceleration and deceleration/follow-through.
  • Qualitative and quantitative comparisons of the participant’s technique with “proper” throwing technique are made in a clear and understandable format.


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