Training to Improve Runner Speed, Distance & Technique

Woman Running imageThe Runners’ Clinic—part of the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Sports Medicine Center—helps runners of all ages and skill levels to improve their performance. The clinic is also a great place to start if you’re planning to begin a running program.

Our team—a Medical College of Wisconsin sports medicine physician, physical therapists, athletic trainers and a dietitian—understands the physical demands of running. In fact, many of our staff members are endurance athletes themselves.

Personalized Attention to Unique Factors of Each Runner

Each runner deserves individual attention to his or her personal make-up, fitness level, training goals and other factors that make the runner unique. The services that are provided at The Runners’ Clinic are individually tailored to you and provide specific and effective ways to address your needs.

As part of Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, an academic medical center, the Runners’ Clinic is also involved in research. This research benefits runners by enhancing knowledge of how injuries occur, how they can be prevented, and ways to improve running performance.

Enhanced Training for Runners

Whether you just run a few miles on weekends or participate in marathons, our experts can help you achieve your maximum performance level. The clinical also offers injury prevention and performance services to enhance training

Running and Musculoskeletal Assessment: Our professionals will analyze your gait and perform a head to toe evaluation that will provide you with valuable information. We will also customize a home exercise program that reflects your goals and the findings from the evaluation. Included in this assessment is a standard video recording of your gait on a treadmill. 

Fee: $100 for assessment and one follow-up appointment 

Endurance Performance Enhancement: Performance Enhancement is an integrated and comprehensive program designed to enhance athletic performance through evidence based training techniques. Performance enhancement programs utilize our state-of-the-art training equipment and parameters that are determined from a pre-program VO2 max test. Programs include 12 sessions with a pre- and post program VO2 test to measure aerobic changes. 

Fee: $350 for the 12 sessions

Metabolic Testing: Includes VO2 max testing and endurance with training recommendations. 

Fee: $100 for each test 

Gait HD Video Analysis: Gait analysis will likely be part of most runners’ programs. We combine the information we capture on tape with physical examination findings to design appropriate strength and flexibility programs. Sometimes this involves running-specific drills to enhance characteristics of a person’s stride. However, a “perfect” running style that can be applied to every person does not exist. With our high speed digital camera and you can view your gait in high definition and in slow motion. 

Fee: $25 

Sports Nutrition Consultation: Our dietitian is trained to help improve your nutrition knowledge and eating habits. The dietitian will review your current food intake, physical activity profile and lifestyle to design a nutrition program that satisfies your taste buds and your nutrition needs. All initial consultations require completion of a three-day food record prior to your appointment. Call 414-805-8602 to make an appointment and for pricing. Services include:

  • Calculation of positive or negative calorie balance
  • 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, and marathon meal planning
  • Pre-race, race-day and recovery meal planning Hydration planning
  • Advice on nutritional supplements/ergogenic aids
  • Nutritional analysis and evaluation of vegetarian intake
  • Tips for high-energy snacking

Fee: $34.50 per 15 minute consultation

Learn more about sports nutrition

Recovery Zone: Just made it through a difficult run or one of our training sessions? Take some time to recover with our FDA approved electric stim and vasopneumatic devices that aid in decreasing lactic acid and increasing blood flow. 

Fee: $10 for 30 minute sessions 

Treating Running Injuries & Injury Prevention

Running can take a toll on the body, with injuries such as bursitis, muscle strains, stress fractures, runner’s knee, shin splints, ankle sprains, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and arch pain being just a few of those commonly experienced by runners. The Runners’ Clinic offers a comprehensive approach to treatment for all types of running-related injuries to optimize return to running. 

Injury screening: A a free screening (musculoskeletal exam) performed by a licensed athletic trainer to determine the nature of an injury.

Injury assessment: Injured runners are examined (musculoskeletal exam) by Craig Young, MD, a sports medicine physician with a focus on running injuries. The professionals at the Runners’ Clinic will diagnose your injury and provide you with a recommended course of action. If appropriate, you will receive a home exercise program to help you recover from your injury.  

Injury management: Injuries are addressed through a comprehensive rehabilitation protocol and return to running program, managed by physical therapists and athletic trainers.

Alter-G Treadmill Session: AlterG can be used in physical therapy to help injured runners recover more quickly. 10 minute one time trial is FREE. Monthly memberships are also available, call 414-805-7111 for pricing. 

Fee: $15 for 30 minute session


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