Sports Medicine Center Patient Story: Todd and Troy Dusosky

Todd and Troy Dusosky

Milwaukee Wave twins, Todd and Troy Dusosky, have spent a lifetime being amused by the similarities in their personalities and talents. But when both players were injured during the same game, even they had to marvel at their twin synchronicity.  

Troy was injured first. His knee gave out as he was chasing a ball. It appeared he had torn the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee.  

Later in the same game, Todd went after a ball and his ankle rolled, resulting in an inversion ankle sprain. As he fell, another player landed on top of him added further damage to the ankle.  

Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin Sports Medicine Center physical therapist, John Lachacz, viewed the game tape and said, “Troy went down like a ton of bricks. There wasn’t even any contact with another player. Most ACL injuries don’t involve contact. He was down on the field for quite awhile due to pain. When he got back to Milwaukee, we did an MRI on his knee, which confirmed his ACL was torn. After two to three weeks of therapy to get the swelling down, he was ready for surgery.”  

The surgery was a success and now Troy is in physical therapy twice a week, for 60 to 90 minutes. His therapy includes balance, strength training, stretching and conditioning work. His rehab will continue for four to six months before he can return to the game.  

“The rehab has really been going well. John Lachacz and everyone there has been great at helping me get through this—both mentally and physically," Troy said.  

Todd’s ankle inversion injury kept him out of the game and required physical therapy as well. He worked with the Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin Sports Medicine Center team on regaining his range of motion, strength and proprioception.  

Todd completed his physical therapy and was back on the field helping the Wave win in his first game back. “My rehab got me back in top form. The Sports Medicine Center Team worked with me and got me up and running — no ankle problems at all. It feels great to be back in the game. Really great!” commented Todd.  

And with continued help from the rehab team at our Sports Medical Center, it won’t be long before Troy is right back in the game with his twin brother.  


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