Guides and Resources for Pregnancy, Delivery and Beyond

Links to Online Resources

  • “Understanding Birth” Parent Guide Web resource at See What You Read. You will need the PIN on the back of your guide the first time you login. Contact your physician or midwife if you did not yet receive a copy of the guide.
  • Froedtert Health Library Pregnancy and Newborns Information Center
  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Breastfeeding (Lactation) Support and Consultation

Your Birth Center Lactation Consultant is the person you can depend on for breastfeeding help.

  • Your resource person will visit you as often as you need assistance while you are in hospital
  • After you leave the hospital, feel free to contact the lactation consultant by phone or in person if you have questions.

For more information, see our Breastfeeding page.

Your Birth Announcement

If you choose to have a birth announcement released to the St. Joseph’s Online Nursery, you’ll need to sign a consent form. For security purposes, birth announcements are posted online after you are discharged. Pictures posted on the Web site are identified by first name only (of parents and baby) as well as weight, length, date of birth, physician and an option to include a personal message.

Car Seat Safety

A properly installed car seat is one of the most important ways to keep your baby safe. Unfortunately, 4 out of 5 car seats are not used correctly, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. New technology in cars and safety seats, use by multiple caregivers and many other factors make installation confusing, even for experienced parents.

Check your car owner’s manual for information about installing the seat correctly in your vehicle. Local resources to assist with car seat installation are shared during Childbirth Preparation classes at St. Joseph's. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation offers lots of information online, too.

Birth Certificates

The Birth Center staff will make sure you fill out the Hospital Birth Worksheet after the birth of your baby. The hospital will send this to Madison where the legal document is filed. You will receive a Birth Verification form within a few weeks of your hospital discharge. Look over this form carefully and notify Madison of any needed corrections. You may order a certified copy of your baby’s birth certificate for a fee by filling out a form and mailing it to the address noted on it.

If the baby’s parents are married, the baby’s father’s name must be included on the Hospital Birth Worksheet. If they are not married, you will need to complete a voluntary paternity acknowledgement form. Please talk to your nurse if you have questions, or contact the Wisconsin Division of Health-Vital Statistics.


Newborn health screenings can help find potential health problems in your baby early in life when they are most treatable. Wisconsin law requires neonatal screenings for all newborns before they leave the hospital. In addition, St. Joseph’s Hospital routinely conducts hearing screenings. See our Infant Screenings page for more information.


You may choose to have your son circumcised by your doctor before your baby is discharged from the hospital. If this is the case, your nurse will explain the circumcision procedure and give you instructions about caring for your son after it is completed.

County Health Departments

Services offered include immunization clinics, well baby checks, parenting classes, home visits, and prenatal care coordination.

Washington County Health Department
333 E. Washington Street, Suite 1100
West Bend, WI 53095
Phone: 262-335-4462

  • Dodge County 920-386-3670
  • Fond du Lac County 920-929-3085
  • Ozaukee County 262-284-8170
  • Sheboygan County 920-459-4382
  • Waukesha County 262-896-8430