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Caring for You, Your Baby and Family

Baby and motherThe Birth Center staff will be there to make your stay as memorable as possible, answer questions and help you get to know your new little one. Services include:

Rooming in

Babies get acquainted with family life right away by “rooming in” with mother. Babies are welcome in the nursery, too, if moms need to rest or take a walk around the Birth Center.

Special Care Nursery

Your baby will likely spend most of the time in your room, but may also be cared for in one of our two nurseries. The primary nursery is for healthy, full-term infants. The Special Care Nursery offers a higher level of care to newborns who need additional attention, for example, babies who are less than full-term or low birth weight. Infants benefit from individual monitoring continuous surveillance, and specialized nursing care and technology.

Breastfeeding (Lactation) Support and Consultation

If you’ve made a commitment to breastfeed your baby, count on us to support your decision in every way through one-on-one personal consultation, classes and Web resources. Consultation after discharge is also available.

Meals and Nutrition Services

Good nutrition is important following childbirth. Juices and nutritious snacks are available for patients 24 hours a day. Meals and snacks are also available around the clock through the hospital’s Garden Cafe, room service, or vending areas. Registered dietitians offer consultation about nutrition and diet instructions if ordered by your physician. They are a great resource for patients making diet changes during and following their hospital stay.

Helping Family and Friends feel at Home

See the Family, Friends and Other VIPs page for details about visiting hours, meals, phone service and more.

Newborn Baby Photos

All families may have their baby’s picture taken while in the hospital. If you like, choose to have it posted in the hospital’s Online Nursery.

Portraits of your baby taken at the hospital are supplied by an outside company. Proofs of newborn baby photos will be sent to your home about a week after you leave the hospital, along with information about ordering copies. You are not obligated to do so.

Keepsake Photo and Footprints

We’ll help you record this special event by giving you a complimentary framed photo and set of baby’s footprints as a cherished memento of your Birth Center experience.

Guest Stay

If your baby needs to stay in the hospital after you are discharged, we can arrange for you to stay overnight at the Birth Center. You will need to provide your own meals and will not be considered a patient, so you may come and go as you please. This service is limited to room availability.


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