St. Joseph's

Your Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy imageFrom the moment you know you are pregnant, you can count on the Birth Center at St. Joseph's Hospital in West Bend to help you shape a healthy and happy experience.

Pregnancy Checklist

Below is a check-list of things to do before your baby arrives.

Choose your care provider and begin prenatal care

Regular prenatal care is important for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby, and helps you prepare for labor and delivery. Families can choose from among many obstetricians, family practice physicians, and certified nurse midwives on staff at St. Joseph's Hospital. Visit our Exceptional Staff page for a full list of options.

Choose a doctor for your newborn and schedule a "get acquainted visit."

Families typically choose a pediatrician or a family practice physician to care for their newborn. Visit our Exceptional Staff page for assistance. Many physicians offer a complimentary "get acquainted" visit so you can get to know each other before the baby arrives.

Sign up for prenatal education

Take advantage of other opportunities to learn more about pregnancy,
birth and newborn care

  • Sign up for classes offered by the Birth Center.
  • Review the educational information you received from your health care provider.
  • Explore the online Pregnancy and Newborns Information Center found in our health library.
  • Explore other online resources. Links to many of them can be found on our Guides and Resources page.

Plan ahead for your childbirth options and preferences

Take time before delivery to think about things that will be important to you in childbirth. Plan ahead for things like support people, desired visitors, your notification list, pain control preferences, details about music and lighting, your decision about breast or bottle feeding and much more. Discuss your preferences with your caregiver well before your delivery and express your wishes when you arrive for delivery.

Complete your preadmission form

To streamline your admission to our birthing center, complete and submit a pre-admission form at least three months before your due date. Do this by calling 262-836-8347 or by visiting the Centralized Scheduling department at St. Joseph's Hospital in person.

Verify your health insurance and billing information

For more information, visit the Insurance and Billing page.

Plan your trip to the hospital

As your due date gets closer, see our What to Pack for the Hospital list. Get directions to St. Joseph's hospital, and learn more about arriving at the hospital.