St. Joseph's

Your St. Joseph's Delivery

Childbirth is a social, emotional and physical milestone. Whether signs of labor have begun or it is the day of your scheduled induction of labor or cesarean delivery, we are ready to be your guide as you celebrate your baby’s birth in a personal way. For tips on when to call your caregiver, how to find the hospital, what to pack for the hospital and more, see our Arriving at the Hospital page.

Your Birth Center Suite

Care before, during and after labor and delivery is provided in one of 12 new and modern, extra large private rooms. The Center’s patient-friendly design, safety features, and advanced technology help ensure the highest quality of care for all patients. For a closer look at the Birth Center, see our Take a Tour page.

Your Birth Center Delivery

Every birth experience is unique. Mothers at St. Joseph’s Hospital can feel confident that the Birth Center staff have the experience of safely caring for many kinds of pregnancies and deliveries.

Choices for a More Comfortable Labor

Take a whirlpool bath, lean on a birthing ball, and walk around the hospital – nurses will help you get as comfortable as possible during labor. Special wireless monitoring units keep track of vital signs for mom and baby without confining you to a bed or your suite.

Pain Control Options

Pain control can be one of a patient’s biggest worries about childbirth. Timely pain control is critical for mothers so they do not have to wait for relief. During your prenatal care and Childbirth Preparation classes, you will learn about all the options so you can decide what is right for you.

Combined Spinal/Epidural (CSE)

One of the most popular and effective pain control approaches is a combination technique used by the anesthesia providers at St. Joseph’s. CSE offers the advantages of both spinal and epidural medication while avoiding disadvantages. With CSE, laboring mothers enjoy:

  • Rapid relief of pain
  • Less drowsiness
  • Mobility – most women are able to get out of bed and walk around following the start of CSE
  • Excellent pain relief results
  • Safety – no ill effects for the baby and few side effects for mom

For more information about CSE, talk to your doctor. CSE is also discussed during the Anesthesia Options session of our Childbirth Preparation Four-Week Series.

High-risk Care for Moms and Babies

The Birth Center has the experienced staff and latest equipment for handling high-risk or challenging deliveries. Nurses are specially trained to care for mothers with complicating health conditions or pre-term labor. They also have expertise in caring for births with multiple babies and infants born as early as 35 weeks gestation.

Specialists and Special Care Readily Available If Needed

Care for women with high-risk pregnancies and infants who need additional care and treatment after birth are provided by perinatologists from The Medical College of Wisconsin and neonatologists from Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The hospital’s Special Care Nursery offers a continuously monitored environment for infants, staffed by specially trained registered nurses.  

When needed, patients have access to the extensive resources of Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin and Children’s Hospital, including neonatal intensive care (NICU).

Cesarean Deliveries

Cesarean deliveries can happen immediately when needed or as scheduled in the cesarean birth suite within the Birth Center. Birth Center staff are specially trained to continue caring for mom and baby should a move to the cesarean suite become necessary.