Comprehensive Breast Care

Digital mammography, breast MRI , a breast care navigator and women’s imaging specialists are important elements of the comprehensive Breast Care Program offered at St. Joseph’s. The hospital is a member of the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Network, bringing nationally recognized cancer specialists to the West Bend, Wis., area. The program involves a multidisciplinary group of specialists, services, and technology focused on breast health and breast disease.

Breast Care Diagnostic and Treatment Services

The following are breast care diagnostic and treatment services available to patients at St. Joseph's Hospital:

Digital Mammograms Offer Many Advantages 

State-of-the-art, high-quality digital breast images are available right away when you have your mammogram at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Appointments take less time and images can be reviewed more quickly so you have your results sooner. Images are stored as part of your electronic medical record so your physicians have quick and ongoing access to your results.

Digital mammography is available at many Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin mammography facilities, including St. Joesph’s Hospital and Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health clinicsTo schedule a mammogram, talk with your physician.

Breast MRI 

Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a highly sensitive screening tool for women at high risk for developing breast cancer. It is typically used as a follow-up to a mammogram. Breast MRIs create three-dimensional images that help determine the size and location of an area of concern on the breast.

Minimally Invasive Breast Biopsy

During a breast biopsy, samples of breast tissue are removed to determine if abnormal cells are present. To find the exact location of a suspicious area of the breast, the physician will choose an imaging modality that best visualizes the area of abnormality such as: ultrasound, mammography or MRI. Small samples are then taken with a needle or probe. The technique provides minimal discomfort and little to no scarring.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery 

Specialists with the Plastic Surgery Clinic at the St. Joseph's Health Center in West Bend perform breast reconstructions at St. Joseph’s and nearby at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee.

Lymphedema Prevention 

Lymphedema, a swelling of the arm or breast caused by fluid buildup, is a possible side effect after breast cancer treatment. Breast cancer patients at St. Joseph’s benefit from a proactive approach to controlling this condition, thanks to therapeutic work with occupational therapists.

Breast Care Team

The hospital’s breast care team typically includes primary care physicians, surgeons, a breast care navigator, occupational therapists, medical and radiation oncologists, and genetic counselors and plastic surgeons.

Breast Care Navigator

Our certified breast care navigator at St. Joseph’s Hospital guides women through the complex decisions, choices and emotions surrounding breast cancer. A registered nurse, our navigator supports patients and families through from diagnosis to treatment to follow-up care.

Board-Certified Radiologists – Breast Imaging Specialists 

St. Joseph’s Hospital offers highly specialized radiology services, including board-certified radiologists with fellowship training in breast imaging. Radiologists have advanced training and years of experience in the use of diagnostic tools such as mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI and breast biopsy.

  • Call St. Joseph’s Hospital’s Breast Care Program at 262-836-7099 for more information.
  • Find an obstetrician, gynecologist or other women’s health care specialist.