St. Joseph's

What to Expect at St. Joseph’s Emergency Care Center

Coming to the emergency room is often a sudden decision. Time is critical. Here is a brief description of what you can expect during your visit.

  1. Evaluation and “triaging” – Our first step is assess each patient’s condition and prioritize (triage) them to make sure those with the most severe medical conditions receive immediate attention. We do our best to see all patients as quickly as possible; we have a fast overall “door-to-doc” time. If at any time your condition begins to feel worse, please notify an Emergency Care Center staff person as soon as possible.

  2. Patient registration - This step may occur immediately after assessment, or may happen after you are taken to an exam room. For critical patients, registration may take place after a family member or guardian arrives.

  3. Treatment – This step involves an examination based on your symptoms. Tests may be ordered to provide more information. Your comfort is important, so some symptoms, like pain, may be treated as soon as possible. Once a diagnosis is determined, a treatment plan and advice for follow-up care will be provided. We will work closely with you to include family and friends in your care. We may need to limit the number of visitors in the exam room based on your condition and the size of the room.

  4. Follow-up – As recommended by the Emergency Care Center physician, you may be admitted to the hospital or you may be released. If you are released, it is important to visit your personal physician or other caregiver, as recommended by your emergency care physician. If you need a personal physician, St. Joseph’s has many excellent pediatricians, family medicine and internal medicine physicians on staff from Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Community Physicians.