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Diabetes Screening – Blood Glucose Test

Detection of Blood Sugar Level

What is a diabetes screening?

A diabetes screening is a check of the blood sugar level after fasting for eight to 12 hours (usually overnight). The test measures the amount of glucose in a given amount of blood. It's reported in milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). 

Why should I get a diabetes screening?

This test is used to diagnose and monitor borderline diabetes and diabetes. Glucose levels consistently 126 mg/dL or higher when fasting indicate diabetes. 

How often should I get a diabetes screening?

The American Diabetes Association recommends that all adults have a fasting blood glucose test at age 45. If the test results are normal, repeat the test every three years. If your results are borderline, have a fasting blood sugar test every year. Your doctor also may test for diabetes based on your symptoms or risk factors. 

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