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Kathy Hospice

Kathy Hospice ExteriorThe Kathy Hospice provides a peaceful and comfortable environment for individuals in need of end-of-life care. The home-like hospice — the first of its kind in Washington County — is named in memory of Ron Komas' wife, Kathy, who lost her battle with cancer in June 2002. Recognizing the need for residential hospice care, Ron Komas led the effort to raise funds for the Kathy Hospice.

The Kathy Hospice opened Feb. 6, 2006. It is owned and operated by St. Joseph's Hospital and supported by the St. Joseph’s Community Foundation.

Our Facility

The Kathy Hospice is nestled in a gently sloping valley, out of sight of the highway or other buildings, on the campus of St. Joseph’s Hospital. The 8,600-square-foot facility features a warm, home-like design, with many windows to the surrounding countryside. Learn more about our facility features and view our photo gallery.

Kathy Hospice At Home 

Kathy Hospice At Home provides patients with end-of-life care wherever they consider home. That may be in the home a patient has lived in for years, a nursing home, group home, assisted living facility or residential hospice facility. Kathy Hospice At Home uses the same staff and provides the same services that are provided at the Kathy Hospice on the campus of St. Joseph’s Hospital. 

Services and Types of Care

Under hospice, pain is controlled and symptoms of disease are managed for those who have a life-limiting condition and who are no longer seeking curative treatment, or for whom curative treatment is no longer an option. Learn more about the types of services and care we provide.

Admission to the Kathy Hospice and Covering Costs

When the focus of a person’s medical care shifts from treatment to comfort, hospice care may be activated. A person who has a terminal illness, and whose doctor has verified a life expectancy of six months or less, is eligible for the hospice benefit under Medicare. Learn more about admission to the Kathy Hospice and covering the costs of hospice are.

Making a Gift to the Kathy Hospice

Contributions to the Kathy Hospice play a critical role and show the importance and value of a dignified end-of-life journey. Your gifts make our community a better place to live and ensure that we will be here to serve others in years to come, just as we may have assisted someone you love. Fill out the donation form to give to the Kathy Hospice.


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The Kathy Hospice
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