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Preparing for Orthopaedic Surgery

Successful knee replacement, hip replacement or other orthopaedic surgery actually begins well before admission.

Before surgery, patients come to the hospital for a “pre-op” visit coordinated by the hospital’s Pre-Admission Surgical Services (PASS) department. During the visit, patients get a binder of information and learn about their care before, during and after knee replacementhip replacement or other surgery.

Education Checklist to Prepare for Surgery

Here are just a few things patients and family members experience:

  • Meet with anesthesia staff to go over pain management plans. Patients should feel confident that their comfort is a critical component of their surgical care and healing process.
  • Learn what to expect about the procedure and recovery
  • Learn about implants, as appropriate
  • Tour the facilities
  • Complete any necessary pre-surgical testing
  • Be evaluated by a physical therapist and seen by the case manager who will get to know the patient’s needs and begin planning for inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation
  • Be introduced to assistive devices and other equipment that may aid in recovery


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