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Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Regain Maximum Function, Flexibility and Strength

Following knee replacement, hip replacement, or other orthopaedic surgery, you will be up and moving as soon as possible. The goal is to get you back to your home and your life without delay. The rehabilitation team at St. Joseph’s Hospital paves the way to the life you want to lead. Rehabilitation helps improve the ability to perform normal activities without pain and resume a more active lifestyle.

Physical and occupational therapists at the hospital and at our convenient outpatient rehabilitation clinic locations use a variety of hands-on therapeutic techniques and exercises. They combine these with patient education and technology like ultrasound and electrical stimulation to create a personalized program that’s right for each patient.

Pre-Surgical Education

Patients and therapists begin planning for the rehabilitation during the pre-surgical education visit to the hospital. Patients receive a binder of information that includes what to expect from physical and occupational therapy.

Therapy Promotes Optimal Outcomes

We want the best outcomes possible for our patients, so it is important to build personalized therapy programs that are standardized, evidence-based and multidisciplinary.acti

Expert Staff

Only therapists who have extensive experience working with knee replacement, hip replacement and other orthopaedic patients are part of the staff at St. Joseph’s Hospital and our outpatient centers. Many therapists have special certifications and expertise.

Partnering with Patients as Coach and Cheerleader

Therapists work closely with each patient to set personalized goals that are ambitious but realistic. Then they work together to create a treatment plan and supportive environment to help patients meet their goals to resume sports, favorite activities and demands of daily life. Therapists stay in touch with the patient’s physicians to make sure all aspects of care are coordinated.

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