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Joint Replacement Surgery

Knee, Hip and Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Pain, stiffness and degeneration of your joints due to arthritis or other conditions can affect your daily activities and function no matter what your age. Joint replacement – the surgical replacement of a natural joint with an artificial joint – is considered for patients when pain is significant and other treatments have not provided relief. 

Surgeons will help patients determine which surgery option will provide the optimal results for them while minimizing surgery and recovery time as much as possible. 

Thanks to continued advancements in surgical techniques, many joint replacement procedures no longer require long hospital stays. Pre-surgical education helps patients gear up for surgery and recovery ahead of time. After surgery, proper rehabilitation and physical and occupational therapy play a critical role in restoring movement, function and getting you back to an active, normal lifestyle.

Partial joint replacement surgery

A patient may be a candidate for a partial joint replacement if arthritis or injury is limited to just one part of the joint. A partial joint replacement often can be done using a minimally invasive approach, which uses a smaller incision. 

Joint replacement revision surgery

Most joint replacements will function well for the rest of a patient's life. As the number of younger joint replacement patients increases and seniors continue to live longer, however there are times when a joint implant needs to be surgically replaced. These procedures can be performed at St. Joseph’s Hospital in West Bend.

Bilateral knee replacement

For patients who need to have both knees replaced, operating on them at the same time (“bilateral knee replacement”) may be an option. At St. Joseph’s, two surgeons work at the same time to perform the replacements, reducing surgery and rehabilitation time for the patient.


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